" Can’t take back those hours, but won’t regret it, because you can grow flowers from where dirt used to be." 🌻💛#katenash #transformationtuesday #life

It’s the simple things that sometimes bring the greatest sense of happiness. This week, enjoy the world around you and find your own happy place. 😊☀️#happymonday #lovemybackyard

To lose yourself in passion, is to discover the beauty of life. This art has crafted my life in the most amazing way. There is no feeling like baring your heart and soul through this beautiful language. From incredible performances to lifelong friendships, I’m blessed to have lived my life as a dancer. Happy National Dance Day! 😊💛 #nationaldanceday

Smallest box I’ve packed during this move, yet it weighs the most. :) My itty bitty porcelain box from Tiffany’s for my high school graduation from my aunt and necklace from mi madre on my 21st 😊#classic #keepsakes #familytraditions

FBF: To when I asked a random man to take my picture while I was exploring DC. Missing the East Coast a lot today for some reason. Can’t wait to get back :) (at Union Station)

TBT: let’s take a moment to acknowledge 6th grade in all it’s awkward glory. The middle part, glasses, choker, striped shirt wearing kid that I was… Yeah…Sad part: I thought I was so cool. 😂😂 #woah

Sometimes spontaneous decisions are the best memories. So my wcw is : QUEEN BEY. WHO I WILL SEE LIVE FOR THE FINAL SHOW OF THE ‘ON THE RUN’ TOUR AUGUST 6 IN SAN FRAN WITH MI PRINCIPESA @lovinlifecfa92 🙌😭👑💎🌉🎉#sistersbirthday #treatingmyself #hardworkpaysoff #ultimatehumpdaytreat #yonce #icantbreathe #treatyoself #summerwithshelbs

Because now that you have an Instagram!! We can transform into such beauties sometimes. @s.duffduff #werekeepers #thailandbeauty #youregoingtokillme 😂

MCM: Not gonna lie, if I already wasn’t proud to be future RSJ alumni, this picture basically magnifies that feeling. Today’s man crush is my 2nd home. Can’t wait to get back in the fall. :) 💙 (at University of Nevada, Reno)

Before the week’s tasks start to pile up, I just thought I’d put a few reminders on your plate first. Have a lovely day friends :)

Happy birthday to this incredible beauty :) two years ago when we took this picture, we were just getting to know each other. I’m thankful that you’re still here today. I’m always inspired by your positivity, hard work and desire for adventures! I’m so excited to see what new memories life will bring loving together this year :) hope you have an amazing day and celebrate in ultimate Chile fashion! Lol Can’t wait to welcome you home next month! ❤️ @carawhaaaat

I don’t have that much free time and I don’t always get to spend time with these ladies, but when I do, it never ceases to be an incredible time. Thanks @jayderss22 😊💕 #summerwithshelbs @lovinlifecfa92 @haaaaleeeyjay (at Lex Nightclub )

FBF: 21st birthday celebration in Viva Las Vegass. I reeeeallly want to wear this dress again. First day of school outfit 2014? 😂 @jetset21

TBT: taking it back to my first Friday/ Football game of college with my sister. The past 4 years have been the most transformative of our lives. From DC nights to late night talks, We’ve been at the top and we’ve hit rock bottom, but at the end of the day, we’ve never given up on each other. She’s had my back even in times when she shouldn’t and has given selflessly. Through it all, I couldn’t imagine what my college experience would’ve been without her and I’m endlessly grateful. I love you and I can’t wait to see where life takes us 😊 💛 @lovinlifecfa92 #crazycats4life

"If you have a back up plan, you have no real plan." Catching up with this cool cat! So glad to have such an inspiring, genuine person in my life. Happy birthday Scott :) #hashtag #coolkidsclub (at Silver Peak on the River)